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In response to the growing needs of the community, the PRIME Mentors of Canada has expanded its services over the years to complement its original one-on-one mentoring program as shown below:

1988  to  date

Competency-Based and Project-Oriented One-on-One Mentoring of at-risk underserved bright children in order to develop research & creative problem- solving skills and self-confidence (grades 5-8)

2000  to  date

First-of-a-Kind Children Scholarship for outstanding protégés in the one-on- one mentoring program to encourage post-secondary education (grades 5-8).

2004  to  date

Community Builders in Action to acquire skills in community building and strengthen motivation for community volunteerism (grades 5-university).

2009  to  date

Annual Youth Leadership Conference at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto to invigorate personal resilience and sense of hope for self-fulfillment and community contributions (grades 5- university).

2011   to  2014

Sowing Seeds of Caring School by School to enhance caring behavior (pro- action to bullying): respectfulness, friendliness, kindness & helpfulness (k-8).

2014  -  2015

E-Mentoring of Junior PMC Scholars by Senior PMC Scholars for guidance and support in post-secondary education and career pathways.


"In every age and in every culture, mentoring relationships have accompanied creative success."
E. Paul Torrance

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