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Dare Be a Mentor !

Share Your Skills

Mentors are retired/active professionals; university students; and employees. after mentor orientation, mentors select a school of their choice and are matched based on their interests and expertise with a student who select the projects. A typical project runs 1 hour/week for 10-12 weeks in the school, during school hours.

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"Not only do mentors share their gifts, but they also help the young discover their own."
Lt. Governor James Bartleman

Be a Positive Influence in a Youth's Life.

Our kids are bright students (10-13 years old) who have lots of potential and need an extra challenge. Our mentors turn bright kids into stars. Our students want to learn how to research and make presentations on topics beyond the curriculum.

Mentors select the school of their choice and are matched based on interests and expertise to a student selected by teachers. The student selects the topic of their project. Topics include geology, physics, astronomy, art, fashion etc. A typical project runs for 10-12 weeks. For 1 hour per week, the mentor and student meet in the school, during school hours. Together they research and prepare a presentation of their project that the student will share with his/her class. PMC staff is available to assist in preparing audio-visual aids and other materials necessary for a successful project presentation. Mentors and students separately evaluate the mentoring program and provide feedback to improve its delivery.

Who are Typical Mentors?

  • retired and active professionals
  • university students who wish to gain the experience of teaching
  • employees whose companies release them to mentor on company time

Why Mentor?

  • make a difference in a pre-teen's life
  • use your own talents, skills and energy
  • learn new skills (e.g. how to coach a young person)
  • meet a pre-teen that is living in circumstances different than your own
  • meet other mentors

You Will Receive Support.

  • Three-hour orientation workshop
  • Assistance from school coordinators
  • Attendance to project presentations other than of one’s student
  • Participation in the Annual Youth Conference at OISE, University of Toronto, if desired
  • Availability of reference letters from PMC when requested
  • Invitation to the annual Mentor Appreciation Lunch at the U of T Faculty Club
  • Invitation to other PMC events

"In every age and in every culture, mentoring relationships have accompanied creative success."
Dr. E. P. Torrance